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Medical Coverage from Sports Medicine Experts

First Aid/Emergency Care
• Therapists are all first responder certified
• Can determine whether or not further medical attention or imaging is required
• Qualified to deal with emergency situations and manage until the ambulance arrives

On Field Assessment
• Ability to determine the severity of an injury and recommend the appropriate course of action
• If you have a pre existing injury we can suggest specific warm up and cool down exercises

Return To Play Decisions
• Ability to critically evaluate and make the decision on whether or not you can safely return to your activity
• Can provide education on proper return to play steps

Athletic Taping
• Extensive knowledge on different taping and wrapping methods in order to provide support to new or existing injuries

Follow Up Care
• Provides access to an excellent multi-disciplinary team to follow up with you
• Different treatment options including manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, and home exercise programs