Yoga is now at SME!

Created on By Sports Medicine Experts

Designed by Jennifer Somerville (Athletic Therapist and Manual Osteopathic Practitioner candidate) and implemented by Anthony Berlingeri


Why should yoga and therapy be combined?

Yoga is the perfect compliment to strengthen, lengthen and increase mobility of your joints! Yoga practice can reduce pain and lower physical and mental stress, when implemented with proper guidance and technique.

Why should you try this approach?

We are excited to be able to further integrate yoga poses in lieu of our traditional therapeutic exercise prescription. We love the ability of yoga poses to isolate the muscles and structures that need to be strengthened and/or lengthened. Some poses further provide a form of natural release or traction which helps decrease pain and increase mobility, and in some cases cause natural joint realignment.

Not to mention the overall benefits of yoga!

  • increasing the strength of stabilizing and core muscles
  • increasing flexibility
  • improving posture and body awareness
  • calming mental effects  
  • natural pain relief

We are excited to further enhance our patient experience and well-being. We strive to continue providing more options and approaches to ensure success in your rehabilitation and wellness process.

Each block of sessions will be dedicated to a condition or an area of concern e.g. back pain. Our therapists will work with the instructor on the programming for specific conditions or areas of the body being targeted. The instructor will then implement and guide the patients through the therapeutic practice. Our therapists will also be active participants in the classes.