Knee Brace FittingOur bracing specialists choose the best brace for YOU based on your injury, recovery status and lifestyle demands. We will accurately choose, fit and adjust braces to fit each individual.

Prophylactic bracing is a very important piece to the prevention rehabilitation puzzle, allowing for ongoing support of rehabilitation to a joint or muscle after overcoming injury. Bracing can also be a very effective pain modulation technique when prescribed appropriately decreasing the load on joints, stress on ligaments and tendons thereby directly reducing pain. In many cases bracing can still allow for enough mobility, agility and dexterity to continue with the activities of your lifestyle.

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In some cases bracing or lack thereof can be a large component in the determination of the timeline in which an athlete can return to play or an individual can return to work safely and effectively.

Our bracing specialists are trained in the most up to date research and technology to know what brace is most appropriate for your condition and you as an individual. From custom to off the shelf, crutches etc. we have it all!

In a large percentage cases your bracing and orthotics needs are covered by your extended health providers. We can help you determine whether a particular brace or device is covered by your insurance.


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